The Best ways to reduce the size of a PDF file


The Best ways to reduce the size of a PDF file

Assume you've created a fantastic PDF file. There are a lot of pictures, photographs, and bookmarks to make it more complete and engaging. However, there is one important drawback: the massive file size! Fortunately, there are several pdf size reducer to reduce pdf size free in order to optimise it for the web.

Here are five methods for making your PDF smaller:

  1. To minimise the size of the PDF, re-save it.

  2. Adobe Acrobat or pdf compressor may be used to compress PDF files.

  3. Unwanted items in PDF files should be removed.

  4. Remove any superfluous space by using the PDF Optimizer.

  5. Colors might be an issue with a large file size.

We'll go over them one by one and clearly explain each one. We've also included some photos, which should make it easier for you to minimise PDF size. So, let's begin with the first:

To minimise the size of the PDF, re-save it.

We don't mean you have to start from scratch. Stripping out extraneous elements, removing tags, and compressing images are all easy but effective ways to reduce pdf size file. You can accomplish this with any programme that offers a "print to PDF" function, as well as using free internet tools. Most PDF editing applications allow you to reduce pdf size free in just a few simple steps:

  • Launch the PDF file.

  • Select the Export / Save As dialogue box.

  • Choose PDF as the file type.

  • You're done when you click Save.

Adobe Acrobat or Nitro may be used to compress PDF files.

Whether you're using Adobe Acrobat or Nitro PDF Professional, you may minimise PDF size in a quick and easy method. Because any new modifications to the file are added at the end of the file without a complete rewrite, a bulk of information is simply piling up, the "Save" option is typically considerably faster than the "Save As" feature. Instead, by utilising the "Save As" function, you may avoid this and reduce pdf size free.

You only need to complete the following:

  1. Open the PDF editor

  2. In Acrobat, go to File – Save As – Save Again.

  3. Navigate to File – Save As – Select the file you wish to compress – Click Save in Nitro PDF Professional.

Unwanted items in PDF files should be removed.

There are several elements that might assist you in reducing the size of your PDF files. Adobe and Nitro PDF are two of the top utilities. Links, bookmarks, form fields, and JavaScript all add to the size of a PDF file. However, this should not be a problem. Simply follow the steps below, whether you're using Nitro PDF Professional or Adobe. A  pdf shrinker free will undoubtedly assist you reduce pdf size free:

Launch the PDF editor and open the file.

In Nitro PDF Professional, you can: Navigate to File > Optimize PDF > In Acrobat, choose Custom: Save as other > Optimized PDF from the File menu. More information is available here.

  • Select the items to be removed.

  • To finish, press OK.

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